We offer handcrafted and customized crowns, bridges, cosmetic restorations and implants

Fixed Restorative
All Ceramics

IPS e.max

Full Countour Zirconia

Lava Ultimate nano-resin Ceramic

IPS e.max Crown: Offering a lifelike appearance, blending into the background teeth for use with conventional cement or lithium disilicate bonding to remaining teeth. Chairside
For Dentists
Empress Esthetic



Porcelain Fused to Metal

Ceramco3 provides an appearance of natural vitality and wear characteristics with 3d shade and customized in office shading match.

Alloy Metal Options

EVDA offers a wide selection and options in alloy metal to fit your practice and patients’ needs. We proudly offer certified Argen alloys with certified metal and the purest of raw materials. See our options here!

  • Semi Precious PFM
  • High Nobel PFM
  • Non Precious PFM
  • All Metal Full Gold Crown
  • Noble
  • Hybrid Alloys
  • Noble Crown

Specialized Services

  • Porcelain Margin
  • Custom Shade
  • Under Partial
  • Survey Crown
  • Attachments
  • Diagnostic Wax Up
  • Rush Cases

Additional Services Available Upon Request

Custom Shading

Feel comfortable and confident in sending your patients to our office for custom shading and education on the process. We offer consultations and approvals on custom teeth shading with the vita guide shade tool.