East Valley Dental Arts – Who Are We?

East Valley Dental Arts has been setting the standard for quality in the Phoenix area since 2000. Located in the East Valley, we are conveniently located enabling us to efficiently service our customers across the metropolitan area. At East Valley Dental Arts we pride ourselves on delivering a product that fits right the first time. We take the extra time with each case to ensure that when our dentists sit down at the time of insertion the fit, the look and the quality stand alone. This ultimately reduces valuable chair time.

Our leadership team comprises over 84 years of dental lab experience has established us a reputation of expertise, reliability and quality workmanship throughout the valley. In addition to dental lab experience, several members of our leadership team bring with them a combined background of over 30 years in the corporate environment with experience in finance, sales, management, marketing and corporate training.

Our Objective

Our company slogan is “When Quality Matters”! This means we take the extra time to ensure chair time is minimized and the overall patient-dentist experience keeps them coming back to your practice. We believe one of the best ways to deliver the best product is to understand the expectations of each individual dentist. To that end, prior to accepting cases from new dentists we recommend an initial consultation with our Director of Sales and Production. Below is a list of topics covered during consultation.

Initial Consultation:

  • Introduction to dental lab and team
  • Establish avenues of communication
  • Introduction of services available
  • Identify Dentist expectations for restorative cases
  • Discuss any other preferences Dentist may require
  • Identify opportunities for continued learning from both sides

It is well know that Dentist and Laboratory Technicians are artists. This type of consultation is the best way to make sure both sides are clear on what our Dentists expect. It is also a great time for both parties to learn better practices from each other thereby improving efficiency and creativity.

Our Team

While we have leads for each department, our team is fully cross-functional and proficient in all of the skills necessary to truly work as a team in our lab. This gives our team and our customer’s piece of mind in knowing that our lab is fully functional throughout the year.

Director of Business Operations – Tom Hudak
-With years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Training, Tom brings processes and management to the team making decisions that balances long term goals with short term objectives.
Director of Account Management – Michelle Hudak
-A long time background in finance allows Michelle to run a quality profitable practice with strong business practices. By running a better business we are able to pass the savings along to you while ensuring our business model is sustainable.